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1. Regular License grants you the right to use Items:

— In personal or commercial project, but the item cannot be resold or redistributed on its own, or used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold;
— As digital reproduction, including on websites, in online advertising, in social media, in mobile advertising, mobile applications, software, e-cards, e-publications (e-books, e-magazines, blogs, etc.), and in online media (including on video-sharing services);
— Incorporated into ONE film, video, television series, advertisement, or other multimedia productions for distribution in any medium now known or hereafter devised;
— For your own personal, non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution, or any commercial use of any kind);
—Incorporated into merchandise or promotional items for sale or distribution, including, without limitation, textiles, artwork, magnets, wall-art, calendars, toys, stationery, greeting cards, and any other physical reproduction for resale or distribution, provided that such product incorporates material creative or functional elements apart from the Item.

2. Logo Template License grants you the right to use Items:

— An ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Logo Template in one Final Logo (customized implementation of the Logo Template);
— When you apply for a Logo Template license from you may not be the only person who likes that Logo Template so much they’re willing to buy it! That is, the Logo Template you’re buying is not exclusive to you and the same logo can be used by someone else;
— Make any number of copies of the single Final Logo and use it in unlimited ways;
— Modify or manipulate the Logo Template. You can combine the Logo Template with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting — Final Logo is subject to the terms of the Logo Template License.

3. Prohibited Uses:

— Use Items other than as expressly provided by the license you purchased with respect to such Items;
— Sub license. You may not sub license and/or place any of our graphics, modified or unmodified, on website or any other media and offer them for redistribution or resale;
— Pornographic, obscene or libelous works. You may not use for any pornographic or unlawful purpose, to defame a person, to violate a person’s right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity;
— Violate any law. You may not use our Cartoon Characters for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of our characters, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.

4. Indemnification and Liability:

— shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses arising as a result of modifications made to the Items or due to the context in which the Items are used by you;
— shall be under no obligation to issue refunds under any circumstances. All fees are non-refundable;
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February 13, 2018